EFT PRO Dongle Update V2.0 Remove Huawei ID/FRP Android 10

EFT PRO Dongle Update V2.0 Remove Huawei ID/FRP Android 10

EFT PRO Dongle Update V2.0 Remove Huawei ID/FRP Android 10

EFT Pro Tool: Can be used without Dongle connection. You can switch to use the Tool account in the Startup widget of the Application.
You just need to register an account then you can contact with your reseller to Activate the account for you

EFT Dongle Pro has come “Version 2.0”
EFT PRO Dongle Update V2.0 is released 02/04/2020
What is New ?

– [Huawei] Added support to erase Huawei ID for the following models:

ELE-AL00 10.0.0(C00)
HMA-AL00 10.0.0(C00)
LYA-AL00 10.0.0(C00)
LYA-AL00L 10.0.0(C00)
VOG-AL00 10.0.0(C00)
VOG-AL10 10.0.0(C00)

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– Latest supported models list for Huawei Android 10 FRP reset:

ELE-L04 10.0.0(C605)
ELE-L09 10.0.0(C185)
ELE-L09 10.0.0(C316)
ELE-L09 10.0.0(C431)
ELE-L29 10.0.0(C431)
ELE-L29 10.0.0(C605)
ELE-L29 10.0.0(C185)
ELE-L29 10.0.0(C636)
HMA-AL00 10.0.0(C00)
HMA-L09 10.0.0(C432)
HMA-L29 10.0.0(C432)
HMA-L29 10.0.0(C185)
HMA-L29 10.0.0(C605)
HMA-L29 10.0.0(C636)
HRY-LX1T 10.0.0(C185)
HRY-LX1MEB 10.0.0(C185)
JSN-L21 10.0.0(C432)
JSN-L22 10.0.0(C185)
JSN-L22 10.0.0(C636)
JSN-L23 10.0.0(C605)
JSN-L42 10.0.0(C675)
LYA-L09 10.0.0(C432)
LYA-L09 10.0.0(C185)
LYA-L09 10.0.0(C316)
LYA-L29 10.0.0(C185)
LYA-L29 10.0.0(C432)
LYA-L29 10.0.0(C636)
MAR-LX1A 10.0.0(C431)
MAR-L21A 10.0.0(C432)
MAR-LX1A 10.0.0(C432)
MAR-LX1A 9.1.0(C431)
MAR-LX1A 10.0.0(C185)
MAR-L21MEB 10.0.0(C185)
MAR-L21A 10.0.0(C431)
MAR-L21A 9.1.0(C431)
MAR-LX1M 10.0.0(C185)
MAR-L21MEA 10.0.0(C185)
PCT-L29 10.0.0(C432)
POT-LX1AF 10.0.0(C185)
POT-LX1 10.0.0(C431)
POT-LX1 10.0.0(C432)
SNE-LX1 10.0.0(C432)
SNE-LX2 10.0.0(C185)
SNE-LX3 10.0.0(C605)
STK-L22 10.0.0(C636)
STK-L21M 10.0.0(C185)
STK-L21M 10.0.0(C432)
STK-L21MDV 10.0.0(C185)
STK-L23B 10.0.0(C605)
VOG-AL00 10.0.0(C00)
VOG-L04 10.0.0(C605)
VOG-L09 10.0.0(C316)
VOG-L09 10.0.0(C431)
VOG-L09 10.0.0(C185)
VOG-L29 10.0.0(C185)
VOG-L29 10.0.0(C431)
VOG-L29 10.0.0(C432)
VOG-L29 10.0.0(C636)
VOG-L29 10.0.0(C605)
YAL-L21 10.0.0(C431)
YAL-L21 10.0.0(C636)
YAL-L61 10.0.0(C185)
YAL-L61 10.0.0(C431)
YAL-L61 10.0.0(C636)
YAL-L61 10.0.0(C605)

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Note: If you have a Huawei device that not exists in our supported models list (Huawei ID/FRP); just contact with us by “Your device is not supported” Form


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Dear Customers, due COVID-19 and current situation in almost every country we have added two months period to all our current customer active packages includes
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We hope world bypass the crisis ASAP.

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